• 22 Apr 2017
  • Newburyport, MA.

4/22/2017 – Newburyport, MA. "INTRO TO IMAC PRIMER" Site: Plum Island Airport RC Flyers at 19 Plum Island Turnpike. Come out for a day to be introduced to airplane setup, Aresti code, judging, and flying techniques. A casual introduction to the sport of scale aerobatics. Bring what you have to fly. Anything capable of 6-9 minutes and able to stall, spin and do basic aerobatics. We will have experienced IMAC Pilots and Judges on hand as your instructors for the day. Our hope is for you to continue and compete but just coming out will give you a chance to improve your skills, meet some new pilots, perhaps check out a new venue and meet new friends. Contact - Daren Hudson at (603) 674-5809 or

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