Jets- Turbine, EDF- If it doesn't have props post here!

  • 17 Oct 2017 12:55 AM
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    Daren (Administrator)

    I received a great article from turbine pilot and one of District One's great RC ambassadors, Jeff Lynds.  It is a history of model turbines from the East Coast's first turbine pilot, Ray Davis.  Enjoy.

    Link to AMA District 1 Facebook Group post with article. 

    *Only version is an image so this was the only way I could post it.  Hope you can all access it.

  • 08 Mar 2017 6:33 PM
    Message # 4655624
    Daren (Administrator)

    Jets- Turbine or EDF.  Whether you burn Kero, Diesel or electrons.  If it doesn't have a prop then post here.

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