Demo flight pilots L-R: Ricardo Pereira, Andy Fagen, Daren Hudson, Matt Dunkel, Tom Gaudette.
Ken Mower's (formerly Ray Lake's) Cessna Skylane in the hanger static display area.
Hangar static display area.
Models used for demo flights.
Pit area for demo flight planes.
Daren preparing for demo turbine flight.
A great event! Special thanks to ALL involved. Please see a full recap and link to the Facebook album complete with videos in the BLOG section.
Most of the Concord Aviation Day Flight Demo crew: L-R- Steve, Larry, Jeff, Karen, Scott, Mike, Sue, Tyler, John, Cody, Daren and Steve.
The flight demo planes at the static display.
District 1 VP Andy Argenio and RI AVP Steve Brehm meeting 2017/18 UNH Aero Cats Engineering SAE International Collegiate Aeronautical Design Team members. Several D1 modelers are their pilots.
D1 AVP and CD Daren Hudson brief the demo pilots and spotters on the airspace at Concord Airport.
A great networking opportunity to share modeling with other aviation users including GSAMA (Granite State Airport Mgrs Assoc), CAP, exhibitors and general public.
Tyler McCormack follows D1 VP Andy Argenio and Drone pilot and D1 Technical Officer John Yassemedis to the flight line.
Mike Terocy, Spotter (L) and Jeff Lynds, pilot of the C114 Tutor Snowbirds Turbine jet demo. Jeff and Mike with their significant others came all the way from CT. True ambassadors. Thanks guys.
Ted Wojcik, D1 AVP, NH (L) spots for his son, Cody as Larry Roper (C) gets the thumbs up to launch Tyler McCormack for one of two 2 ship flights Cody and Tyler did to impress the crowd.
Tyler with a smoking hover.
Nice shot of Tyler's Extreme Flight 104" Extra 300 in the foreground with Cody flying the Extreme Flight 91" Yak 54. Good stuff, great flying.
Tyler performs a knife edge spin with smoke. Cool!
Larry Roper (front) preps the Boomerang Turbinator for the demo. Unfortunately he had a mechanical issue preventing his flight. That's why we have back up plans.
Back up plan. D1 AVP Daren Hudson handed the narrators mic over to Larry and fired up his Boomerang Elan sport jet.
D1 Technical Officer John Yassemedis, an FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone pilot demonstrated the safe way to capture aerial footage. Nice work John. See his footage on the home page video banner.
Tyler McCormack (L), D1 AVP Ted Wojcik (C) and Cody Wojcik prepare for flight.
L-R: D1 AVP Ted Wojcik, D1 VP Andy Argenio, D1 Tech Officer John Yassemedis, Cody Wojcik and Tyler McCormack
Fremont Flyers, NH AMA 1733 provided more static aircraft outside the hangar and a simulator station inside. A very popular spot for exhibitors and visitors alike.
At the Flight Demo Static area there were several SIGs (Special Interest Groups represented: Turbine jets, IMAC Scale Aerobatics and Drones. Lots of good discussion with spectators and exhibitors.
Cody engages with a couple of enthusiastic visitors. The way all our volunteers pay it forward and give back to the hobby is humbling and so beneficial to this kind of outreach.
Jeff Lynds (in hat) loves talking about and educating the crowd about his jets. He is a great example of "getting" the importance of promotion and spreading the good news.
D1 AVP MA Steven Goler takes shift at the Fremont Flyers Sim station. Tyler looks on and Cody sets up to show and tell about FPV flight using a tiny "Swoosh" quad.
"Girl Power" was alive and well at the sim station.
The CAP officers gave the sim a try and realized this model flying isn't as easy as the guys out at the flight line made it look!
The sim station (our second year) well manned by Fremont Flyers. L-R A budding new pilot, Fremont VP Ray Racine, Pres. Daren Hudson, Treasurer Andy Fagen and new member Ron Lessard.
We all start somewhere. Throw it, pick it up and throw it again.
New Hampshire Flying Tigers Heli Fly In 2017
New Hampshire Flying Tigers Heli Fly In 2017
New Hampshire Flying Tigers Heli Fly In 2017
New Hampshire Flying Tigers Heli Fly In 2017
New Hampshire Flying Tigers Heli Fly In 2017
Visit to Souhegan Aero Modelers (S.A.M.) Gary (he sold his EF 91 Extra to John) helps John prepare for maiden 2 of 2 for the day. First day flying gassers in a long time in the hobby.
S.A.M. in Milford- what a fantastic day. Another successful gas maiden! Well done John.
S.A.M., Milford. Gary and John make final tweaks prior to John's maiden on new Extra bought from Gary. Frank and Bob enjoying the day in the background.
S.A.M., Milford- John Yassamedis (Yaz) welcomes back his new Yak 55 SP purchased from Bob Brouder. A special flight, John's first gas powered and first giant scale. He had 2 to maiden!
S.A..M., Milford. Another happy customer and new giant scale and IMAC pilot. Well done Yaz!
Club visit to Souhegan Aero Modelers, April 2017. Special thanks to Bob Brouder (R) for inviting us to be guests for the day. Great meeting Frank Bove (L), VP of the club. It was a beautiful day!
Souhegan Aero Modelers- Frank Bove (L) and Bob Brouder (R) bring Franks's "Chubby Cub" (actually a "Lazy Bee") for a flight.
"S.A.M." Pits full of fun on a fantastic spring day!
S.A.M. looking west down the pit line. Bob and Frank check out District 1 Technical/ Safety Officer on 1 of two giant scale gas maidens of the day.
Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles (SNHFE) hosted its 20th annual Radio Control Aircraft Float Fly September 16-18, 2016, at Greenfield State Park in New Hampshire
Float Flying at Greenfield park, SNHFE Float Fly, dusk flight
Night flights were great!
Light winds, calm waters made for a nice weekend.
Boat House served as charging station and storage for the many planes that spent the weekend.
SNHFE Float Fly- Glass!
Thanks to the Flying Eagles for being such great hosts (as usual) and for the fantastic raffle prize- BNF Extreme Flight Turbo Duster. Awesome! Builder, Carl Anderson (L). Nice work Carl
Modelers who frequent RC Buyers probably recognize this young man and his Taube
Southern New Hampshire Flying Eagles (SNHFE) hosted its 20th annual Radio Control Aircraft Float Fly September 16-18, 2016, at Greenfield State Park in New Hampshire
Watch this! Sandown Rec Demo Day with Tyler McCormack
Tyler McCormack at Sandown, NH Rec Dept 2016. One man show- flew then "worked the crowd" for Q&A. Nice work!
Had the pleasure of joining Tyler McCormack, 2016 AMA Scholarship recipient at Sandown, NH Rec dept. Demo. Paying it back and forward, Good Stuff!
Fremont Flyers at Fremont 250th 2014- Static and Simulator
Fremont Flyers temp field for Demo flights Fremont 250th Field Day 2014
Fremont Flyers at Fremont 250th Celebration Field Day 2014- Community events, a great opportunity to shine. In background a temporary runway for demo flying.
Fremont Flyers- Peterson's Field
Fremont Flyers Dragway "Morning Flyers"

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