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AMA District I “New England State Drone Laws”  


New Hampshire prohibits the use of a “drone” or “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV) to obstruct or impede persons engaged in “the lawful activity of hunting, fishing or trapping.” Drones cannot be used to purposefully engage in an activity that would “tend to disturb wild animals” to prevent them from being taken. Drones cannot be used to conduct video surveillance hunting, fishing, or trapping without the written consent of the persons being surveilled. This set of prohibitions does not apply to law enforcement officers or personnel from the Department of Fish and Game when they are performing their official duties.

For purposes of the statute, “unmanned aerial vehicle” is defined as “any device capable of flying in the air which is remotely, automatically, or otherwise piloted without an occupant.” The definition specifically includes drones.

New Hampshire has also passed regulations forbidding the use of UAVs to locate wildlife for the purpose of taking it, using UAVs to communicate the location of wildlife to a person on the ground, drive or harass any wildlife or otherwise aid or assist in taking wildlife. Again, this regulation does not apply to law enforcement officers and personnel of the fish and game department in performing their official duties.


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