Drone Advisory Committee Considers Important Taskings 

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Those in the UAS industry or interested in the applications of UAS technology should be mindful of the DAC’s priorities and the following developments:

      1.    The FAA announced the first certification basis for UAS for AeroVironment Puma.  

      2.    DAC sub-committee task group responsible for federal, state, and local governments will address:

           a.    Identifying specific state and local interests in the regulation of UAS use.

           b.    Determine whether a portion of the low altitude UAS airspace can be delegated to local and state regulation.

           c.    Determine the mechanisms for enforcement of federal safety and airspace rules and regulations by local and state government

                  and the possibility of parallel and/or complementary enforcement mechanisms.

      3.    The DAC subcommittee task group dedicated to airspace access will address:

           a.    Expedited procedures for UAS airworthiness certification the

           b.    Determine appropriate technology and mechanisms to facilitate autonomous command and control functions (such as

                  spectrum allocations, satellite, and wireless cell).

           c.    Provide recommendations for revised operational requirements which may allow for UAS operations beyond those currently

                  permitted under the Small UAS Rule (i.e., beyond visual line of sight operations).

      4.    The DAC subcommittee task group determining what activities and services are necessary to address:

           a.    Safe integration of UAS into NAS.

           b.    Assess what funding resources are needed.

           c.    Identify what funding mechanisms should be utilized.

The three DAC groups have numerous scheduled discussions before the next DAC meeting in May of 2017.

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