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AMA District I “New England State Drone Laws”  


Connecticut has not passed a law addressing drone technology. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has taken the position that its regulations prohibit drone operations as a “potentially hazardous activity” that may be “disruptive to wildlife.” The regulations relied on by the Department do not specifically reference drones.

Connecticut has recently passed a statute limiting municipalities in enacting regulations regarding commercial unmanned aircraft. “Commercial unmanned aircraft” is defined as “an aircraft operated remotely by a pilot in command holding a valid remote pilot certificate with a small unmanned aircraft systems rating issued by the FAA. The statute prohibits municipalities from enacting an ordinance or resolution that regulates ownership, possession, purchase, etc. of any commercial unmanned aircraft except as authorized by federal or state law, and so long as they don’t conflict with policies and procedures adopted by the Connecticut Airport Authority. The statute makes an exception for municipalities that are also water companies. Such municipalities may adopt ordinances or resolutions that regulate the flying of private and commercial unmanned aircraft over the public water supply and certain classes of land. These ordinances and resolutions may not conflict with federal law or Connecticut Airport Authority policies and procedures.  


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