Flying Site Preservation through Cooperation- A Success Story!

11 Nov 2017 2:53 PM | Daren (Administrator)

Plum Island Airport RC Flyers AMA 5198 serves as an example of one success story in District 1.  There are more in the region and we are asking you to share them here By “add comments” to this blog.  Sharing the successes and learning from them will go far to help more clubs in New England and beyond secure and preserve flying sites.

Continued brush clearing maintenance at Plum Island shows how working with land managers, and AMA created and preserves a superb flying venue to serve the community, modeling and aviation. New President of Plum Island Airport RC Flyers Club, Larry Roper was on scene as the clearing of over-grown brush adjacent to the runway took place. The club was awarded an AMA flying site grant 2 years ago for initial clearing. That effort included volunteers from our club, other area clubs and MA Boy Scout Troop 44 (you may remember them from our Aviation Appreciation Day- Plum Island Aviation Appreciation Day for Scouts 2016) all coordinated through the Historic Plum Island Airport management.

With the help of a hired machine and operator we hope to keep the area from the wind sock to the runway more manageable with a mower. This will serve the many full scale users of the historic airport as well as the many modelers who visit Plum Island to fly in our events annually.  As Larry reminds us in this video, community and land owner relations is key to retaining quality flying sites. Part of that is community outreach and capital improvements that benefit all stakeholders. Remember that AMA has flying site resources including: pdf and video series on acquiring and keeping sites, grant program to financially assist clubs who qualify and testimonials such as this about success stories. 

 AMA Flying Site Assistance 

Larry provides a video of the work taking place at Plum Island which is good reminder for us all.

Please post your stories, questions and “add comments” to this blog.

Thank you and happy flying,

Daren Hudson

District 1 AVP

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