4th Annual Concord Airport GSAMA Aviation Day and Runway 5K

06 Nov 2017 7:57 PM | Daren (Administrator)

On October 21st, 2017 District 1 was well represented by several clubs, members and district officers at our 2nd year attending this multi aviation user event put on by the Granite State Airport Managers Association, GSAMA to raise funds for their STEM and scholarship programs.  This year we added to our successful static and simulator displays with Giant Scale Aerobatics and Turbine Jet flight demonstrations. I want to thank the GSAMA and in particular Rita Hunt and the organizing committee for allowing us to expand our exposure this year, we really enjoyed putting on a show for you.  Rita and I have worked together for more than 2 years now supporting both aviation and model aviation in NH and beyond.  Her enthusiasm for the positive impact modeling can have on aviation as a whole is much appreciated.  As you will see in the pictures and the video clips (see comment section for videos please) young and old alike were introduced to some model flying that they had never seen before while getting the opportunity to give it a try on the simulator and realize its a little harder than it looks!  Hundreds of spectators and exhibitors were able to get up close and personal with the static displays and the demonstration pilots from 9am-2pm on a beautiful fall New England day.  From all reports and feedback the demonstration flights and the simulator and static displays were a huge success and GSAMA would like us back again next year.  We look forward to it and are all ready thinking how we can make it even better.

Of course this type of event cannot happen without volunteers and modelers willing to pay it forward and pay it back.  We are so fortunate to have such a talented and giving community in New England and I am grateful to those who help me and the other D1 officers spread the good word about modeling and support aviation through our great hobby.

As CD for the event I would like to personally thank the following modelers for their support and help.  Everyone involved in events such as these are true ambassadors for the hobby, AMA and aviation.

Your Flight Demonstration Pilots:
Cody Wojcik, Tyler McCormack- Giant Scale Aerobatics and Extreme Aerobatics
Jeff Lynds- Scale Turbine Jet Demonstration
Larry Roper- Sport Turbine Jet Demonstration (unfortunately Larry had technical issues and was unable to fly but he was ready to go, mechanical failures do happen). Thank you Larry for jumping in on the mic to narrate when I took the standby demonstration slot.
Daren Hudson- Sport Turbine Jet Demonstration
John Yassemedis- District 1 Technical Officer and Part 107 Drone pilot- Commercial Drone Demonstration and airborne videography.

Your Flight Demonstration spotters:
Ted Wojcik, District 1 AVP NH spotting for Cody, Scott McCormack spotting for Tyler, Mike Terocy spotting for Jeff, Andy Argenio, District 1 VP spotting for John and Steve Goler, District 1 AVP MA spotting for Daren, District 1 AVP MA, NH.

Ground support for flight demonstration pilots and static:
Steve Brehm, District 1 AVP RI, Karen Adrien and Susan Gjeltema

Static display and RC Simulator booth in hangar:
Fremont Flyers VP Ray Racine (Ray's second year running the sim booth, great job!), Secrertary Ken Mowers and Treasurer Andy Fagen along with new member Ron Lessard.

Also thanks to SNHFE members Brian Smith with his son and Erik Verstraete with his daughter Anna who were there for support.

As you can see it was a collective effort by model enthusiasts promoting model aviation and the community based organization of AMA.

Clubs represented from District 1 included: Fremont Flyers- NH, Plum Island Airport RC Flyers- NH, Southern NH RC Club, Southern NH Flying Eagles, Woodstock RC Flyers- CT and Crow Island RC Club- MA.

District 1 Officers present: Andrew Argenio- VP, Daren Hudson- AVP MA, NH, Ted Wojcik- AVP NH, Steven Goler- AVP MA , Steven Brehm- AVP RI and John Yassemedis- District 1 Technical Officer.

Special thanks goes out to our Photographers Andy Fagen and Brian (sorry I didn't get his last name, he was shooting at the event for GSAMA and supplied us with some photos).  Our videographers: John Yassemedis- Airborne Drone footage and Tom Hettinger for ground based footage.

I am so proud of the support from our District 1 members for this outreach event which shares the love of our hobby, networks our good works to many new faces and provides a positive and productive image of model aviation and AMA to the public.  I feel that this type of event participation is key in preserving a productive relationship with aviation users, communities, the general public and legislators moving forward.  I can't thank the volunteers and my friends enough for helping out.  I look forward to doing this and more events like this in the future.

See you on a flight or spectator line soon!

We've shared several photos at the NH event photo gallery on this site.

Aerial video shot by D1 Tech Officer John Yassemedis featured on the home page video banner.


Full Video Playlist available at the new District 1 YouTube Channel

See complete album and videos in the comment section of this District 1 Facebook Group post.


Thank you,

Daren Hudson,
District 1 AVP MA, NH

Please share this post far and wide, inside and outside our modeling community. We want more people to "get the bug" for model aviation.
*If you have any questions about this event or are interested in holding an event featuring model aviation please get in touch with me.  Community and school outreach programs are some of the most rewarding activities we can do.  I always get more than I give.

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