A Message from Daren Hudson and Plum Island RC AMA District 1- New England on Facebook Titled: Sharing the hobby, making smiles!

15 Oct 2017 11:20 PM | Steven

This is a link to the write up that Daren Hudson wrote concerning this past weekends event with the Cub Scouts Pack 50 at Plum Island Airport. Nice job Daren and all the participants

Direct Link to Scout Aviation Day Album and Story

Sharing the hobby, making smiles!

Thanks Steve, I updated the link to go directly to the album.

Hello, I was going to write a blog with reference to this event and Steve started for me, thanks buddy!  That teamwork is part of the point I wanted to make.  It takes a village to promote the hobby.  With the advent of social media the "share" button can be a welcome "team member" for that purpose.  This blog can be considered a companion piece to "Open Club vs Welcoming Club".

This past season at Plum Island has been an eye opener for myself and our members.  We have learned just how valuable and beneficial a welcoming attitude, a hand shake, an invitation "under the ropes" and an introductory flight can be.  We have had 6 events and at 2 Open Fly ins and this past Scouts Aviation Day we have flown approx. 75 Introductory flights with people of all ages and backgrounds.  We have spent much time talking to spectators and visitors, often inviting them as guests under the ropes for an up close look.  We will often bring the planes to the ropes and engage visitors to "look under the hood" and get some hands on experience.  We've also invited photography enthusiasts in to take pictures.  My point is that those hand shakes, those welcomes and the time spent really pays off.  Not only enjoyable for everyone involved, we always get more than we give, but the networking benefits can work well for the hobby, for the club and the community.  We have been saying all year "you never know who you will meet at the spectator line".  That networking has led to Steve Goler successfully running a jet demonstration at the Beverly Airport Family Fun Days where thousands of spectators were thrilled with the members flying turbine jets.  Other benefits have been this recent Scout Aviation Day which was networked through the Historic Aerodrome and our contacts.  We have also been put in touch with an individual who may be helpful for flying site acquisitions.  These are just a few.

So how can you help?  If your club has an event, a fun fly, an open house, etc.  Do you have fun?  Of course you do.  Make sure someone captures some "story photos" and use social media to share them outside your club.  "We" club members know how much fun the hobby is, we need to get that message outside the hobby community.  A simple Facebook Album with a few sentences to describe the event posted at a club page then shared to other clubs and most importantly on personal pages may just get the attention of someone new.   A school teacher may want to start an after school enrichment or STEM program, a senior center might want an outing idea, a retirement advisor may be looking for activity suggestions for recently retired individuals, a community may be having a parade or celebration looking for something different, a scout troop may want a cool activity or have their scouts earn an aviation merit badge,  etc.. you get the idea.

As an example this Scout Aviation Day album was posted on our Plum Island Airport RC Flyers FB Page then shared at the District 1 page and group and several other RC groups.  Finally I shared it on my page and the scout troop's page.  Within 2 hours is had reached over 460 people!  That's considerably more than the 20 members of our club.  I told two friends and so on, and so on...

You can also share here at the state photo album page and add captions to describe your event/ outing.  Someone may pick that up and share it.  The point is share the good news!

Enjoy the "off season" and stay warm.  Dig through some photos and help promote the hobby.

If you find yourself near Concord Airport on Saturday the 21st stop in and help us promote at the 4th Annual GSAMA Aviation Day and 5K on the Runway.

Thanks for what you do, enjoy the hobby and share it.

Daren Hudson

District 1 AVP


  • 16 Oct 2017 10:03 AM | Daren (Administrator)
    Just an update. After fewer than 12 hours over 600 people reached with the above Facebook Album. It was “Shared” by poster (me) at 5 pages/ groups. It was then passed on and shared by others, etc. This has not been “boosted”., all free posts. I can’t stress the promotion power of a Facebook Album share. Give it a try. Let’s use social media for something good and productive.
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