2017 5th Annual Plum Island IMAC recap.

17 Aug 2017 12:10 PM | Daren (Administrator)

2017 5th Annual Plum Island IMAC Scale Aerobatics Competition

I am happy to report that on August 4-6, 2017 at Plum Island Airport the 5th Annual Plum Island IMAC Scale Aerobatics Competition was another huge success. Precision pilots, spouses and families from the region and beyond assembled for great flying, camaraderie, fun and competition.
Host club: Plum Island Airport RC Flyers, CD: Scott McCormack, Scoring Coordinator: Mary McCormack, Judging Coordinator: Tyler McCormack. As you can see this event was a family affair! We thank the McCormack family, including Steven and Alan and their significant others who assisted with judging, scoring, food service and child amusement! I'd also like to recognize and thank friend of IMAC and volunteer photographer, Andy Fagen, Secretary of Fremont Flyers for all the photos you see here, thanks very much Andy for spending the weekend with us and promoting IMAC. I also want to thank PIARCF members/ officers Larry Roper, Steve Goler (District 1 AVP) and all members and area club members who volunteered for field prep and setup/ cleanup of the venue. We can't run these events without volunteers.

I'm pleased that despite questionable weather on Saturday we had a wonderful contest. Pilots began arriving Thur night and Friday morning from as far as Quebec, Canada and Maryland. It was great to see not only new faces to this event this year but also new, first time Basic Class pilots competing. Friday practice went well. On a personal note and to emphasize the fellowship of this group I'd like to add a little anecdote. My Extra suffered an engine failure in the 3rd maneuver of practice and I had a deadstick gone bad! However, in the spirit of the terrific Northeast IMAC community and modeling in general this wonderful group was so giving that within 10 minutes of the deadstick I was offered at least 2 planes to fly, a new prop, gear parts and and offer to repair my CF gear that night to make sure I could compete. Thank you to all, that's what it's all about. This is a story I hear repeated throughout the IMAC community, great stuff!

Day 1, Saturday morning rounds went fast and furious for Basic and Sportsman pilots due to a low overcast preventing the higher classes enough altitude for the multi- element vertical maneuvers. After 3 rounds our CD decided to take a rain delay. The aircraft were packed up or put in the hangar and popups were secured for an impending line of potential thunderstorms. It was perfect timing for a lunch break too. As we all returned the rain ended and 2 rounds of Advanced and Unlimited were successfully accomplished thanks to the perseverance and dedication of our pilots. Well done!

Day 2, Sunday greeted us with a beautiful New England summer day, cool temps and the typical Plum Island breeze (to keep the bugs away!). The unknowns and final rounds went off without a hitch. Well, one marvelous off field engine out landing in the marsh by Jim Cyr, a blind landing from approx. 30' wheels down normal attitude with 0 damage! Kudos Jim.

While our scoring coordinator, Mary McCormack crunched the numbers Tyler McCormack ripped up the skies over Plum Island with an amazing freestyle demo for the pilots and the parking lot full of spectators. Speaking of spectators, we had a steady flow on both days even through the rain! We love our spectators, thanks so much for your interest and support.

We wrapped it up with a nice awards ceremony, a round of happy birthday to Unlimited pilot Tom Maharis, hugs, hand shakes and thanks. Another great IMAC event in the books.

I'm so happy that this event, started 5 years ago by Ted (District 1 AVP) and Cody Wojcik is very much alive and well. We missed Ted and Cody this year and hope to see them back next year competing, judging or just visiting.

Thanks again to CD Scott and the McCormack family for a well run event. Thanks to all our competitor/ judges for making it happen in such good spirit and fellowship. Thanks to all for interacting with and welcoming our spectators and thanks again to all PIARCF and area club members who volunteered. See you in 2018.

Daren Hudson
PIARCF acting President and District 1 AVP

Photos and videos available at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1667674679971952&type=1

Some photos available at the MA Events Photo Slideshow page

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