Estate Sale for Barry Schubert

24 Jun 2017 4:52 PM | Steven

Good Day Felllow AMA Members,

Today I was fortunate enough to attend an estate sale for the late Barry Schubert (former AMA D-1 Contest Coordinator) in Westport MA and all i can say emphatically is WOW!!!!!

I must say that I've never been to Westport MA and frankly didn't even know where it was. Being from MA I thought I knew every town in MA (or most) lol. This town is a hidden gem on the border of Tiverton RI. It was one of the most beautiful parts of MA that I've ever seen! It was an ocean side community surrounded by farms and ocean! When I was driving there I thought my GPS had me lost with all the winding turns and rural areas. I almost turned around after driving an hour and a half from Salem, MA! I knew that I had arrived when I saw all the cars parked along the road.

I walked down a long driveway and I could see a couple of pop ups with items on them. As I was walking I became disappointed thinking that I drove all that way to look at two tables full of trinkets. Boy was I WRONG!!! As I got closer my eyes lit up with amazement and surprise. I thought that this was a flea marked for RC items and people trying to sell their items. When I got closer to the "hanger" (and it was big enough to be one) my jaw dropped to the floor. I sounded like Jackie Gleason from the Honey Mooners for those of you old enough to know what I'm talking about! LOL. WOW!! isn't a big enough statement to the amazement! I don't think that I've ever been in hobby shops with as much stuff that Mr. Schubert amassed over the years!

I didn't know Barry Schubert but he must have been a wonderful human being for his friends to catalog literally thousands of items that all belonged to Barry Schubert! He collected everything from A to Z and I'm not exaggerating! There were all kinds of airplanes from every era. He even had a few Jets in his collection. (Didn't see any turbine engines cause I would have been on that) lol.... He collected cars, boats, kits, arfs, electronics, servos! You name it if you needed it it was there!. I couldn't help myself but to drop a "few" dollars myself. I got some servos, wires, and miscellaneous items. Let's just say I spend my lunch money! LOL

I was really so overwhelmed with this collection that I didn't really get to see everything in this collection. The members of the club were friendly and accommodating. The proceeds from this sale will all go to the family of Mr. Schubert. His friends had nothing but nice things to say about Barry Schubert and his collection. One member told me that if he needed a part for anything that Barry would have it for sure and I believe it!

This hobby is a wonderful thing that we have and it brings people together no matter what the situation. In this case it was bitter sweet closure for Barry Schubert's family. They know that everything that Barry Schubert did in this hobby was for the betterment of the hobby! Everything collected will be recycled to people like me and others that have the same passion for the hobby as Barry Schubert.  As we say up north. "It's all about the hobby"!

Again, I didn't know Barry Schubert but somehow I feel that he's smiling down knowing that his collection is not going by the wayside and will make some lucky folks extremely happy. Hopefully a plane or two will end up with a inquisitive young person and take them to heights only in dreams!

It was a pleasure meeting all of the good folks of Westport and God Bless you for taking care of your friend Barry Schubert and his family.  Mostly God Bless Barry Schubert for his Love of the Hobby!  (Photos in my gallery but don't give a real clue of what was there)

Thank you,



  • 24 Jun 2017 9:10 PM | Daren (Administrator)
    Great report and pics Steve! Thanks for sharing.
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  • 25 Jun 2017 5:46 PM | Andrew (Administrator)
    Hi Steven,

    Thanks so much for attending the Barry Schubert Estate sale and letting those of us who couldn't attended know how much you enjoyed the experience.

    Yes,..Barry and I attended many trade shows and events together and he never failed to buy as much stuff that could either fit in his car or in travel and carry on baggage when we were flying to events. As often as he came to our hobby shop, just to meet with the folks and talk, he never left without buying multiple items.

    He was a good friend and participated in every district event we sponsored as well as accompanying me to AMA HQ, Joe Nall, EXPO West, WRAM and numerous local events. We certainly miss him, but will always remember the good times we had together.

    Thanks again,

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