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30 Apr 2017 8:05 PM | Steven

Hello AMA Members All Over,

Larry Roper of Boomerang RC Jets and myself (Steven Goler District 1 AVP) were invited to visit District 4 Eastern Shore Aeromodelers Club ( http://esacclub.org/ ) for a introduction to RC Turbine Jets to club members and spectators. Larry Roper was invited by D4 Club members Dennis Blades and Tom Perkin. They are two of four members of the club that are currently fling turbine jets at there. Tom was able to obtain his turbine waiver this weekend demonstrating the necessary skill requirements to earn his waiver according to AMA guidelines. Congratulations to Tom Perkin! Special thanks to Dennis Blade for setting this whole thing up with Larry Roper! I was there in two capacities, District 1 AVP and Boomerang RC Jet Rep.

The Eastern Shore Aeromodelers Club has one of the most attractive and inviting flying fields that I have ever seen. The sky was wide open and the runway was as smooth as a putting green! They had a good turn out for the event and the members were welcoming and very friendly. I can't say enough about the hospitality they showed us. The atmosphere was relaxing and it felt like a home away from home with much better weather!! lol

I was able to set up my Boomerang XL turbine jet on a buddy box and let some of the members see what it felt like to fly a turbine. Needless to say they were extremely excited and found it not to be as intimidating as the sound of the turbine. The highlight of my training was when a young member of the club named Noah got the chance to take the buddy box sticks and fly around. To tell you the truth I was a bit nervous because I had never seen any of these guys fly but let me tell you Noah took to that jet as if he's flown them before. I guess it's because these millennial's were born with joy sticks in their hands! LOL Larry Roper set up his buddy box also and took up some of the members with his Boomerang Elan. The Elan is just a little smaller than the XL but both fly very easy.

While lunch was cooking I asked permission to fly my Chroma (drone) and let some of the spectators and members try it out. Some of the people that never tried one before were a bit intimidated but I assured them that they couldn't crash that particular drone if they tried. They loved it and they couldn't believe that they could view what the camera was showing directly to the transmitter in their hand. I was able to take a small video of the field and layout so that you can see how awesome that the Eastern Shore Aeromodelers Club is to fly at! Here is just a little video of the field and some of the members. Hope you like it because I had the time of my life!!!  A Big thanks to the Eastern Shore Aeromodelers Club Dennis Blades,Tom Perkin, and club President Jack Upchurch and all their members! 

It's All About The Hobby!!!!   (Photos to follow)

Admin note- See some of Steve's photos at the MA Photo/ Slideshow page.

and at the District 1 Facebook Page.

Great aerial video of the flying site:



  • 01 May 2017 6:41 AM | Geoff
    Great job Steven, glad to see our club well represented. Hopefully they will take us up on our invitation to see what interesting challenges the 107th has to offer, albeit with a bit more wind and the typical Boston wx!
    Welcome home, bring your wooly's.
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    • 02 May 2017 6:56 PM | Steven
      Thanks a lot Geoff! It was great down there. I told them about our field and gave then the link to the web site. I also invited them if they are ever in our neck of the woods! You're not kidding about this crappy weather! I can't even believe this is May!!! Looking forward to the War Bird Event!
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  • 01 May 2017 8:10 AM | Andrew (Administrator)
    Wow! Steve this is a great report that certainly demonstrated the willingness of AMA district officer and members to participate in promoting the sport beyond the district. Excellent narative of a day well spent in having fun and meeting and educating other aviation enthusiasts on thrill of flying turbine jets. The video provided birds-eye view of this very impressive flying site could never have been describe in words as well. Couldn't we use a flying site like this one in our district. No need to bring pop up shade structures or tables. On site container storage, plenty of runway length and width and an open and unobstructed sight and view for miles...what could be better then that. Well, this is the first blog post that I will be so pleased to include in our AMA district column. Please email me the photos in at least 1 meg or more in size so I can crop if necessary and if you would include a caption for some photos that would be perfect.

    Thanks Steve for a very well done event report!
    Andy Argenio
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    • 02 May 2017 7:01 PM | Steven
      Hi Andy,

      Thank you for the kind words. I was honored to accompany Larry Roper and Boomerang jets outside of the District and State. They had a great site and everyone was so welcoming and friendly! Unfortunately on the very last flight of the day I had a catastrophic wing failure. It's captured frame by frame as the wings blew apart. This is a link to some of the photos of the day that Jack Upchurch (club President) sent to me. They all came out great and feel free to use what ever you need. Maybe not the crash!! LOL

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  • 01 May 2017 8:55 PM | Daren (Administrator)
    Outstanding my friend! "That's what it's all about".
    Thank you.
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