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We have provided several FREE methods for you to increase the exposure for your event.  Follow the instructions below to utilize one or more of the following options.

POSTER SLIDE SHOW * see note under Facebook event posting below for an easy and quick way to create a flier. Also see other posts on the homepage for ideas. On the website HOME page- can be viewed on the Home page or "enlarged" for easier viewing:

>Create a Photo Image "poster/ flyer". Put as much information as you like on it.

>Remember less is more and limiting to most important information will limit cluttering.

             Easy to create on MS Word and save as jpeg! (need some help, let us know).

             Note that it must be a photo image, type: jpeg, png, gif or tif.

>Navigate to the Home Page- click on "UPLOAD"

>Select Browse and find your saved "poster"

>Click Upload and wait.  Photo image will be loaded in the folder and on the slide show in a moment or two. 

>When uploaded you may add captions to the photo.

>Done!  Image can be selected from the folder, saved, emailed or printed. To spread the word for all clubs when sharing information share the link to this website too.

* We kindly ask that when your event is over please go back into "upload" and delete your poster/flyer so you don't get inadvertent calls.  Thanks


      *Create a Facebook Event on your FB page and include it as an Inserted link on the OPEN FORUM topic:"EVENTS EVENTS TOPIC..." (see chain symbol above right in the text box)

When you include a photo we will hyper link your photo/ flyer/ poster as a link to the Facebook Event.

      *Please "Share" your Facebook event at the New District 1 Facebook Group

note: Takkng a screenshot of your event and uploading that image to the website homepage as your Flier. This is a quick way to add more exposure. 


      *Post your event information on this topic of our "OPEN FORUM" - 


     *Please try to use the following guidelines when listing your event information.  Keep in mind the Poster option above allows you to do whatever you want on the Poster/ Flyer and add captions!

Please keep the listings limited to:  Following this format allows us a quick copy and paste method of creating your event listing.  Thanks

Event Name




Sponsoring Club (s)

Description (limit to 200 characters)

Links to your website listing, Facebook page, Facebook Event etc. 

Photo or Poster which will be linked to the location of your choice (please provide link)

Please look through existing events for ideas.

Thanks for taking advantage of this free service provide to you by your District 1 Team.  The more we can share the great events taking place the more the entire District 1 (and beyond) community can benefit.  Looking forward to seeing and meeting many new faces at these events.

Your District 1 Team

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