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"Open Club", "Closed Club", "Restricted Club"? Whatever you choose please let's all be "WELCOMING CLUBS"

"We don't want that kind of flying here because :..." "Those darn (fill in the blank with undesirable discipline) are ruining the hobby", "You can't fly that here", "No way man, no (fill in blank)"- Any of these sound familiar? Heard some form of them? Said or inferred any form of them?  We're all probably guilty at one time or another.  I feel the worst situation is a member comes to fly, they see someone flying the "undesirable discipline", don't say a word to anyone and leave.  Fast forward to next meeting or another day at the field with the other "undesirable discipline" flyer not present and the trash talk begins!  Problem?- NO communication between the original two pilots, could be as simple as "Hi, I'm uncomfortable flying while you are flying that discipline or in that way, mind if I fly alone?" Likely response- "No problem I can take a break"- End of problem.  But in my scenario we have, through rumor and innuendo and lack of good communication created a cancer in the club.


"AMA is trying to make us all be open to flying all disciplines, supporting all this (fill in the blank)!"


FACT- AMA is asking clubs to give us accurate information about their particular desires for operations.  What disciplines do you welcome and more importantly what would you rather not see.  (you may have a good reason or not, that's your club's business).  What we don't want is to send an interested and unsuspecting modeler to your club and have them turned away as in the examples above, leaving a bad taste not only for you and your club but for the hobby and all AMA chartered clubs- not good!  If a modeler with a discipline you would rather not see or spectator wanders in to your club field :

PLEASE "DO"- politely welcome them and even thank them for showing interest.  For spectators- put them on a buddy box and get them in the air if possible and  (in the case of a modeler) explain your club's position and put the individual in touch with another club in your area who supports the discipline, a District AVP or  District VP,  (all "Contacts" available at this website) so they can find a match to enjoy the hobby (and its many forms) that we all enjoy.

PLEASE "DON'T"- brush them off, scare them off or be rude.  It took courage to just walk up to your club field knowing no one.  They are there because they are interested in this hobby (and it's many forms) and show an interest in your club.  You have no idea what skill sets this individual could offer your club.

So, "Open Club", "Closed Club", "Restricted Club"? 

Whatever you choose please

let's all be "WELCOMING CLUBS"

Daren Hudson, District 1 AVP

AMA Government Relations Blog post Feb 2018

FBI Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Outreach

Fantastic opportunity to do some good by informing and educating.  It shouldn't matter who approaches our clubs and members, they ALL need to be treated in a polite and professional manner.

Outstanding companion article from Dave Scott- May 2016 MA magazine

Fostering an Active Flying Club

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