07 Apr 2017 11:34 AM | Daren (Administrator)

While attending a meeting for the RC Aces in N. Hampton this week a good question was asked by a member.

"Where can I and more importantly where am I not suppose to fly my Mavic Pro in the White Mt. National Forest or along the Appalachian Mountain Trail system?" 

I have checked on "B4UFly" which is an FAA app and on our own interactive search "Map" from this site. I found no restriction but am reaching out to Chad Budreau at AMA Govt Affairs, D1 VP Andy Argenio and D1 Technical/ Safety Officer John Yassemedis for follow up.

Useful link:

Here's the follow up:

Quote from AMA Govt Affairs representative, Chad Budreau

"This is a complicated question... 

BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and National Forests are more relaxed in their UAS policies than National Parks and National Monuments.  Hobbyists can fly on BLM and National Forest by following AMA and FAA rules and obviously not harassing bystanders or wildlife and avoiding wildfires.  The National Forest has created a work group to determine more formalized policies, but at this time there are no universal rules.  


While a hobbyist may be able to fly at a National Forest, it is very unlikely a hobbyists will have access to a National Park or Monument anytime soon.  All requests to fly have to be vetted and approved in DC by the NPS Administration.  At this time they are only allowing a very few select commercial operators to fly.


The Appalachian Trail is a little tricky as certain sections are managed by the National Park, various local governments, volunteer associations, and the National Forests.  Sections managed by the National Park will not permit UAS activities.  Sections managed by the National Forest may be more cooperative such as the White Mountain stretch. 



Here's a Best Practice  we recommend when you are flying anywhere. 

Introduce yourself to any spectators and check for objections. Make sure there will be no "harassing" of people or wildlife. You may just enlist a spotter and create a "pro- drone" fan(s) with a positive progressive attitude which promotes the hobby while respecting the environment, wildlife and others right to enjoy the open space.

If we are polite and proactive rather than reactive and defensive we will serve the hobby and all modelers better.

Thank you

Your District 1 Team


  • 07 Apr 2017 5:29 PM | Mark
    Thanks Daren, I will pass this on to Mike incase he misses it.
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