AMA National Fun-Fly Competition District  VP

Alpha Flight Endurance Winners


AMA executive council members each received one of the new AMA Alpha model aircraft during the October executive council meeting in Muncie. And, as we usually have done with AMA’s FPG-9 and Delta Dart educational model aircraft, a competition challenge was made and took place on Saturday night before dinner in the restaurant parking lot. 

We had just enough time to build, test fly and trim our Alphas for four competition launches in order to name the first AMA National Alpha Endurance Flight winner. It was windy… so I set-up my Alpha with a rearward wing position and longer nose moment, short rubber motor, and 15 turns of the 20 to 1 winder. This just happened to consistently be a better set-up for penetrating and climbing higher before turning and gliding down to land then my fellow competitors and yes, I won the first EC Alpha competition and the $20 award! Congratulations to Jim Tiller, district IX, and Chuck Bower, district XI, as second and third place Alpha endurance flight winners.

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