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Hobbico (Tower Hobbies & Great Planes) files for Bankruptcy!

Many AMA members have for years considered Tower Hobbies as their main resource for aeromodelling products. Receiving the Tower Hobby annual products catalogue was as important to us as the Sears catalogue. It’s how we found information and specifications on products for all our hobby needs and wants.

    What will now happen to Hobbico’s proprietary lines, like Futaba radios, OS engines, Top Flight and Great Planes model aircraft, and all the smaller manufactures whose products we bought through Tower Hobbies? It’s likely some of these smaller suppliers that Hobbico owes money to may go out of business… only time will tell.      

    Hobbico filed for bankruptcy protection on January 10, which could result in 332 layoffs at its Champaign facility. Hobbico said it will attempt to sell the company and operate during the bankruptcy process.  Hobbico’s estimated debt involves 200 to 999 creditors. They have $10 to $50 million in assets, and $100 to $500 million in liabilities. If they can’t attract new capital investments, employee layoffs will begin in April and it may be necessary to close and end all operations. If a buyer comes through, there is no guarantee that the buyer would continue to employee the workers, sell all the product lines, or operate in Champaign, IL.


How AMA Districts Influence UAS/model-aircraft Government Regulations                       by Andy Argenio

On a federal level the AMA has been successful in influencing government regulations as a result of AMA being perceived as experts in UAS/model-aircraft operations. However, we have learned that success at influencing UAS regulations on a state or municipal level doesn’t necessarily come from being an expert or perceived as one.

    In many states and local communities, lawmakers are almost exclusively motivated as to how VIEW

they vote by special interest groups that get them into public office and keep them there. They also try to avoid giving potential election challengers grounds on which to attack them politically.

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So what’s the AMA Done for Members?

AMA 2017 Advocacy & Legislative Action Report

Summary of advocacy and legislative efforts by the Academy of Model Aeronautics to promote, protect, and preserve model aviation. AMA Shaping Legislation on 302 state level bills, 6 federal bills, and countless local, tribal, university, and park policies related to UAS and our hobby were introduced. AMA tracked, categorized, and engaged each effort. 

Read the 2017 Report so next time someone asks what AMA does with regard to advocacy and legislation you will know how to answer the question! (Click Report Image

AMA Advocacy Toolkit

Since its founding in 1936, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has served as the collective voice for our 200,000 members across the country. The government affairs team and you’re elected Executive Council work to represent your interests on regulatory issues at the local, state and federal level that could have a potentially negative impact on our longstanding hobby of flying model aircraft.

    AMA has always been and continues to be committed to education and the safe operation of model aircraft. 

    The purpose of this toolkit is to empower AMA VIEW members to help tell their story. In the pages that follow we will provide you with the resources you need to meet with the elected officials who represent you, submit an opinion piece to your local newspaper and more.

NOTE – Click Image Only AMA Members who have joined this website may View the Advocacy Toolkit Booklet. 


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"Checklist for Cities Drafting Drone Laws"

We are approaching the 2018 legislation season in January when state and local legislators will again begin to introduce sUAS/drone bills and ordinances. I recently came across a document created by “The Association of California Cities – Orange County” in August 2017 as a Checklist for their cities. This Checklist could be applied to any cities to follow when drafting or proposing UAS/drone laws and might be referenced by us when objecting to certain locally proposed UAS/drone legislation.

The “Checklist for Creating Drone Ordinances” is unlike the National League of Cities “Cities & Drones” 2016 report which recommended legislation that would challenge FAA’s sovereignty over flight operations in the NAS. This Checklist for law makers drafting UAS/drone legislation includes recommendations that are not as onerous to recreational UAS/model-aircraft flight operations and more consistent with AMA’s regulatory efforts. It recommends legislation that is tied to “land use” (when and where you can take-off/land) which presumably concerns itself with publicly controlled property and not private property and more importantly recommends that local law makers do not draft regulations for overhead flight operation to avoid conflict with federal law. It wants laws to be as technology neutral as possible

and legislators to consult with the FAA to avoid laws that would be subject to preemption. It also suggests that since 

already existing privacy laws apply to drone usage 
additional laws may not be necessary to address privacy concern. It recommends compliance with regulation thru education and working with all stakeholders for buy-in. 

Click on the following document image to open/download the 

Complete Checklist à  


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This AMA safety handbook is a compilation of AMA's most important safety documents and programs for safe model aircraft operations. It provides an easy location to find pertinent safety information, and can be

valuable tool for club officers, contest directors, event managers, and others.

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Do You Know Your States Drone Laws?

All remote pilots, regardless of what type of model aircraft being flown, need to not only know the Federal Laws/FAA Part 107/Subsection 101 regulations for flight operations in the National Airspace, but State laws as well. 

    Most AMA remote pilots understand that as members of the AMA we currently continue to conduct flight operation in accordance with Public Law 112-95 Sec. 336 the “Special Rule for Model Aircraft” under AMA’s Safety Programming which also requires members to observe any State laws for UAS/Drones/model-aircraft.  

     I recently was sent a link to the latest edition to “State Drone Law” from the law firm of “Ausley|McMullen authored by Steven M. Hogan and Richard E. Doran. The hard copy of the book is available from Amazon for $15.99 and they provided a PDF free copy by clicking on the following book cover link.

    I have provided easy access to just New England State's

UAS/Drone-Laws that follow:

    CT. Drone Law 

    ME. Drone Law

      MA. Drone Law 

    R.I. Drone Law

    N.H. Drone Law 

     VT. Drone Law

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