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On the HOME page we added the new AMA Airborne Video 3/23/17. Event Listing new AMA-Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Events. Added Media Videos to "News & Education".     

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FAA Preemption Issue with State

& Local sUAS Regulations -

The following is a summary of a drone Blog from Anotonelli Law titled “FAA PUNTS ON THE PREEMPTION ISSUE IN PART 107 by attorney Mark Del Bianco. Their excellent Drone Blogs can be viewed in their entirety at http://dronelawsblog.com/

FAA’s Part 107 final rule for commercial small UAS/drones does not address the issue of federal preemption of state and local drone regulations. Without preemption provision, state and local governments continue to create legislation regulating sUAS operations, resulting in potentially conflicting rules and hampering industry development. These conflicts may lead to litigation costs 

                                                                       Read more >


Drone Advisory Committee Considers 

Important Taskings -

On January 31, 2017, the Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) – a multi-stakeholder advisory group to the FAA for discussing three critical challenges to integration:

    1. Defining the various roles and responsibilities of federal, state,         and local governments in regulating UAS and enforcing of  

        UAS rules and laws.

    2. Identifying the technological and regulatory mechanisms that

        will allow UAS operators to gain access to the airspace

        beyond what the agency currently permits under the 14 CFR

        part 107 (the Small UAS Rule).

    3. Finding the mechanisms and resources to fund the expanded

        provision of services needed to support UAS integration.

                                                                               Read more>                                              


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09 Apr 2017 • Ellington, CT.
22 Apr 2017 • Newburyport, MA.
30 Apr 2017 • Georgetown, MA.
30 Apr 2017 9:00 AM • Falmouth, Maine

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